₁⢪⡕ Z-Light Family


and the lovely story behind their amazing futuristic world !
I’m working on illustrations: Light Bulb characters.
Inspired by Easter decorations and Egg designs, till now they seem pretty cute to me ! 😀

In fact, they are gonna be your guides through the categories of my Blog.
I’m sure you’re gonna like them!
I’ll keep you updated 🙂


4 comments on “₁⢪⡕ Z-Light Family

  1. Im Curious how you used/made that “Appreciate This” Button.
    it was clean simple and even thanked me. i could se something like this on my own webpage…

    the Secret?

    • mmm.. well, Cantukid it’s not me who used/made that “Appreciate This” Button since it’s a known professional website where you can showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. I just created an account to share my project and receive some feedback! 🙂
      You can do the same, here’s the link : http://www.behance.net/

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